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Washington DC Historic Photos

New digital trail highlights D.C.’s African-American civil rights history

The project has 100 sites, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Library and Barry Farm

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Remembering D.C.’s historic movie theaters

From the Trans-lux to the Dunbar, take a look at the city’s storied past.

D.C. is set to update its official roadmap for development today. Here’s why that matters.

Changes to the city’s Comprehensive Plan will have far-reaching implications.

50K photos of main street North America are headed to the National Building Museum

Photographer Barry L. Gfeller took the photos between 1976 and 1996.

A brief history of D.C.'s football stadiums

These stadiums range from the lost Griffith Stadium to the soon-to-be-razed RFK Stadium.

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D.C.'s most famous protests, rallies, and riots

Washington, D.C. is more than just memorials, monuments, and The White House. This city represents the people who live here and the many efforts over the years to march for freedom and equality.

Over 2K historic photos of D.C.’s past have been revealed

Dating back to the early 1900s, this online photo archive allows people to take a glimpse at Washington, D.C.’s past.

Visualize D.C.’s past with this cool, new map

This intuitive tool offers 1,900 before-and-after photos of the District’s streets, buildings, churches, and more.

A brief history of the White House Easter Egg Roll

Originally, when the tradition began in 1878, the event was organized on the Capitol lawn with real eggs.

The Met releases over 375K free images, D.C. photos included

Before, history buffs could go to the Library of Congress’ photo archive to search for historic photos of Washington, D.C. Now, more photos have become available, thanks to The Met, which made 375,000 images available under Creative Commons Zero.

45 rare photos of historic U.S. Inaugurations

In only a few weeks, the United States’ forty-fifth president will be sworn in at the U.S. Capitol. This tradition has persisted since 1789 when George Washington was inaugurated. Curbed has compiled a total of 45 photos from the Library of Congress.

What Anacostia looked like 100 years ago

Originally, Anacostia was known for its long-lost Nacochtank Native American settlement. Now, it’s home to a diverse community, plenty of go-to venues, great eats, and best of all historic architecture.

220 years of the Capitol building preserved in historic photos

Take a trip back in time to when the Capitol building was just an idea on paper. Below, Curbed has compiled over 45 photos that will take you as far back as 1792. The Capitol building wasn't completed until 1800.