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Washington DC Gentrification

D.C.-born residents predominantly live on the eastern end of the city, analysis shows

They compose roughly 70 percent of the population in some neighborhoods, but just a tenth in others

South Arlington’s diverse residents worry about Amazon HQ2-induced displacement

"I think it’s a great opportunity for Arlington, but the prices are already very high"

Report: ‘Affluent families are displacing low- and middle-income families’ from D.C.

The District’s prosperity has not benefited all residents, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce says

Report: D.C.’s housing market is segregated, not varied

Most affordable housing is east of the Anacostia River, while higher-priced options are more often found west of Rock Creek Park.

D.C.’s most gentrified ZIP code is 20001

Home values have increased by 207 percent since 2000.

JPMorgan Chase invests $10M to communities near Anacostia’s 11th Street Bridge Park to prevent gentrification

The three-year investment will help preserve and create affordable housing.

D.C. residents sue Housing Authority over planned Barry Farm redevelopment

"This is our home, and we want to preserve low-income homes not only for us but future residents in need."

How discrepancies in homeownership rates by race persist in Washington, D.C.

A new study from Apartment List reveals the sobering truth about buying a home in the District.

The majority of D.C.’s affordable housing has benefited single people and couples, not large families

Nearly three-quarters of the Inclusionary Zoning units have been for couples or single-member households.

Alexandria non-profit proposes building affordable housing on Metro stations

Already, there are supporters, but whether or not the proposal will be accepted still remains to be seen.

Southeast residents speak out against displacement, redevelopment of Barry Farm

Over 500 residents are expected to be displaced by the planned project that will replace Barry Farm.

How gentrified are D.C.’s neighborhoods?

Gentrification is a constant hot topic in Washington, D.C., and this shouldn’t be of any surprise to anyone.

Mayor Bowser to become first D.C. mayor to invest over $110M to affordable housing

Mayor Muriel Bowser is expected to announce that she will be the first person to invest $10 million in a housing preservation fund.

Affordable housing in D.C., according to DHCD Director Polly Donaldson

To further speak on how affordable housing has grown in the District, Donaldson took the time to speak with Curbed DC.

Over 20 developers, community groups join together for affordable housing

This year, the D.C. Office of Planning will solicit community recommendations for plan amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. A coalition of community organizers and developers said that they have come together to pursue affordable housing.

13 new affordable housing projects in D.C. announced

Mayor Bowser is continuing her mission to add more affordable housing to D.C. with an additional 13 projects announced. The projects will receive money from the Housing Protection Trust Fund in the effort to create more than 1,200 residential units.

Controversial D.C. development plans for first phase

Residents of a Brentwood residential development, known as Brookland Manor, filed a lawsuit against the owner, claiming the owner’s redevelopment plan violates fair housing laws, Despite the lawsuit, the first phase of the project is filed.

New D.C. bill plans to 'put the brakes' on annual rent increases for 80K units

On Tuesday, Councilmember Anita Bonds introduced new legislation that could maintain affordability for nearly 80,000 residential units under rent control. The bill plans to amend the Rental Housing Act of 1985 in two key ways. See what to expect.

This stream has:

Brookland Manor news, updates, and renderings

The proposed 18-acre redevelopment of Brookland Manor calls for building 1,760 residential units, 181,000 square feet of retail space, and 1,590 parking spaces. 384 of the residential units would be designated for affordable housing

Brentwood residents sue apartment complex owner over planned project

In D.C., nearly 150 families are at risk for displacement due an apartment complex owner’s plans to redevelop the property. According to the lawsuit, the redevelopment plan violates D.C. fair housing laws that protect tenants from discrimination.

D.C. Can't Keep Up with the Demand for Public Housing

Adams Morgan Will Create More Affordable Housing, Improve Retail, and More

Ward 8 Residents Propose 'Displacement-Free Zone' to Prevent Gentrification

Mapping Gentrification in Washington, D.C.

Takoma Park Residents Rally Against Rent Hikes, Gentrification

200+ Sign Petition Pretending to NIMBY 7-Eleven for Products