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Washington DC Micro Apartments

D.C.’s most famous tiny home will be constructed in Deanwood by students

This will be a demonstration project in order to teach students technical skills.

D.C.’s tiniest home has returned, listed for $1,400 per month

This "mini-demi-pseudo-sillyhouse" is back on the market.

Tiny house rentals launch outside of D.C. for $125 per night

Just a couple hours from Washington, D.C., there are plans to build 20 brand new tiny homes.

Teal-colored tiny house in Leesburg lists for $55K

The exact measurements are 24.5 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13.5 feet tall.

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D.C.’s 10 smallest single-family homes for sale

See what are the itty bittiest listings on the market, ranging from 572 square feet up to 800 square feet.

120-square-foot tiny house in Potomac lists for $15K

Tiny home lovers, your chance to buy a 120-square-foot house is now possible, thanks to this brand new Craigslist listing.

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10 cozy D.C. condos for less than $400K, mapped

Sometimes, it’s not all about space.

How to know if tiny house living is right for you

Already, Washington, D.C. is known for being a fairly short city, but there are homes in the District that are not just small, but itty bitty. Members of the Tiny House Collaborative are hosting a workshop with hands-on activities, tours, and a Q&A.

D.C. high school students build life-long skills with tiny homes

The tiny home craze has not only taken over the nation, but high schools as well. Recently, students at the ACAD at IDEA Public Charter School constructed their first micro house. The student-built tiny home is also now on the market for $55,000.

Tiny home lovers will get an inside look at D.C.’s ‘Matchbox’

Next week, Washington, D.C.’s tiny home community, Boneyard Studios, will open their doors with two events, a Q&A forum and a tour. Both events will reveal the process to building and the experience of living in one of the city’s tiny homes.

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Tiny homes in Washington, D.C.

For those who love everything itty bitty, stay up-to-date on the tiny home movement in Washington, D.C. with this storystream. Here, learn about Boneyard Studios, Micro Showcase, Minim House, and more. Also, expect maps and features.

What’s the smallest D.C. apartment you’ve ever lived in?

Have you ever been in a tight living situation? In Washington, D.C., it’s likely you have as the size of homes in the city have shrunk since the 1910s. So, what have your experiences been like? Let Curbed know by leaving a comment.

My night in a 58-square-foot floating home

The 90 minute drive to Colonial Beach—a town I'd never heard of before last week—was indicative of just what I was hoping for during a weekend away from Washington, D.C. The city's row houses and bumper-to-bumper traffic turned into antique stores,

Tiny homes you can rent in the D.C. area

Ever wanted to live in a tiny home? From a houseboat to a "garage mahal," see what and where your choices are in the D.C. area. in order to come up with this selection, Curbed searched through Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation rental search engines.

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The smallest D.C. condos for sale

If you're interested in sacrificing space for a better price, these are the condos you should keep your eyes on. Curbed has mapped the 10 smallest condos currently for sale in Washington, D.C. These listings range far and wide.

Curbed’s second annual Micro Week begins now

Once again, Micro Week has begun for Curbed. This second annual theme week will cover anything and everything itty bitty, from tiny homes to houseboats to parks to neighborhoods. Expect maps, features, and articles digging into the tiny living fad.

Call for submissions: Curbed wants to see your tiny home!

A tiny home can take on many forms. It can be anything from an itty bitty rental to a house boat to a narrow single-family home. For the week starting on September 19, Curbed DC will celebrate anything and everything tiny during Micro Week.

Tiny home production line, Minim Homes, emerges in D.C.

For those who love everything itty bitty, there is a new production line in D.C. that will cater to tiny home lovers. Minim Homes is the partnership between Minim Homes and Minim Built. It features two plan sets and ready-to-order tiny homes.

Learn How to Build Your First Tiny Home

The Tiny House movement has become a national phenomenon that has crossed into Washington, D.C. Soon, those in the D.C. area will be able to tap in their own tiny house desires by attending a workshop tailored just for them and their questions on everything itty bitty.

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D.C.'s 10 Tiniest Listings Currently on the Market

From a 309-square-foot studio in Columbia Heights to a 400-square-foot condo in Mt. Pleasant

Microwaves in Kitchens: Where's the Best Place to Put Them?

12 Outstanding Tiny Homes From 2015

D.C.'s Statues Are Super Unhappy, According to Microsoft

The Micro Housing Development Boom Across the U.S., Mapped

5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your Tiny Apartment

1,000 Tiny Homes Proposed for Millennials in Washington, D.C.