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Should you move to Washington, D.C.?


What is middle class in the D.C. area?

In a region where people making well over six figures can be grateful for that two-bedroom and where a 90-minute commute one way is seen as normal, what does it mean to be solidly socioeconomically comfortable?

What have been the D.C. area’s biggest transit mistakes and missed opportunities?

Is there a particular project that never got off the ground and should have? A branch of the Metro that needs building? A curve in 395 that needs straightening? The list could be endless, right?

Burn sage, and other tips for selling a haunted house in D.C.

See how you can sell a boo-tiful home in the nation’s capital.

Home improvement tips for the D.C. area

"There’s no rocket science to it other than you really need to be on the ball."

Predictions for D.C.’s real estate market in 2017

When it came to the real estate market in 2016, it was pretty relaxed. In order to learn what to expect for next year, Curbed DC reached out to Steve Centrella, a Redfin agent in D.C, and Gerda Gaetjen, a RE/MAX agent in Virginia, for their insight.

‘Design Star’ Tyler Wisler opens up on what to expect for 2017’s Home + Remodeling Show

In the upcoming Home + Remodeling Show from January 20 through 22, HGTV’s "Design Star" Tyler Wisler and "Kitchen Crashers" Alison Victoria will headline the event in order to answer questions on design and home improvement.

5 ways to transform your D.C. neighborhood

Columbia Heights, Shaw, H Street NE, Navy Yard — all of these neighborhoods have something in common, and that’s the fact that all of them have transformed over the years into hot neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.

Recreating the Oval Office: A Q&A with Designated Survivor's Production Designer

This fall, ABC released a brand new television show that aims to look at how the U.S. government would be run if it was almost completely obliterated. Designated Survivor, according to Todd VanDerWerff, is an apocalyptic West Wing with crafty satire.

HGTV’s House Counselor host Laurie March opens up

Home remodeling has been a part of Laurie March’s life since day once. The host of HGTV’s House Counselor is a third generation home remodeler whose great grandparents started a roofing company. Growing up, she learned how to refinish furniture.

Five must-read reviews of the National Museum of African American History & Culture

The grand opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture is only a week away. If interested in finding out what you need to know before the museum opens its doors for the first time, see what critics and reviewers had to say.

5 Tips First-Time Homebuyers Need to Know

"Be committed"

The Property Brothers' Top 15 Home Remodeling Tips

Find out what you missed from the Capital Remodel + Garden Show