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DC Videos

Video: Watch the National Building Museum’s ‘Lawn’ exhibit come to life

The interactive display runs through September 2


At hip-hop architecture camp, D.C. youth make music video on gentrification, diversity in field

‘I grew up in a place being gentrified / Raised in Chocolate City / Rehabilitized’

Washington Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman shows off his home

Thanks to Coldwell Banker Real Estate, you can see just how beautiful Ryan Zimmerman’s home is. The Washington Nationals All-Star First Baseman was recently featured in an 11-week video series, called Home Field Advantage.

25 songs referencing Washington, D.C.

Get your headphones ready. It's time to enjoy some good tunes, capital-style. Many of these artists are local (e.g., Tarica June, Fugazi), while some aren't from the District at all (e.g., The Postal Service).

10 Must-Play Video Games for Architecture and Design Nerds

Hey, Mr. DJ! Nab Yourself a Recording Studio/Home for $650K

Video Released of Fool Who Made Tuesday's Commute Horrible

Maryland Mall Resembles Apocalyptic Scene in Drone Video

Lightning Blows Up Portion of Construction Crane in Navy Yard

Video: D.C.'s Biggest House Move Condensed into One Minute

Watch the Washington Monument While Stuck At Your Desk

The Most Essential Curbed Posts For The Holiday Season

Here's a Time Lapse Video of The BIG Maze's Construction