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DC Metro

Metro moves to make all its train doors open automatically

As of now, conductors manually operate the doors on arriving at a station, thousands of times a day

Despite Metro’s concerns, D.C. mayor pushes for return to late-night rail service

Metro and federal transportation officials say they are focused on guaranteeing Metrorail is safe first

D.C. lawmaker pitches Feb. 4 ‘Bus to Work Day’

Riding the bus helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, says Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd

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Shutdown impacts on D.C.: news

D.C. lawmakers reverse mayor’s veto against reducing penalties for Metro fare evasion

The failure to pay a bus or subway fare is set to become a civil offense with a maximum $50 fine

Shutdown costs Metro $400K and significant ridership on average weekday: transit agency

Maryland’s and Virginia’s U.S. senators release a Metro letter with estimates on the shutdown’s impacts

Metro puts up for sale developable Columbia Heights parcel that hosts unofficial dog park

Some residents are asking D.C. to buy the land and preserve the park, even though it failed to last year

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Metro fare evasion decriminalization news

D.C. mayor vetoes bill to decriminalize fare evasion on Metro, warning of ‘lawlessness’

The lead sponsor of the legislation, though, says he will seek to override the veto

Union Station Amtrak concourse to get more passenger space and other renovations by 2022

The project is designed to make the concourse less crowded and brighter

Metro to allow bikes and scooters on its trains during all hours of service

The new policy begins on Monday, Jan. 7

D.C. Council approves decriminalizing fare evasion in the Metro system

A supermajority votes to lower penalties for jumping turnstiles and boarding buses without paying

Repairs close Metro’s Yellow Line for two weeks

The transit agency recommends that riders use the Blue Line as an alternative through Dec. 9

D.C. takes major step toward decriminalizing Metro fare evasion

But the transit agency opposes the move and critics say it is unclear how civil fines would be enforced

Metro plans to move its headquarters to Southwest from Penn Quarter

The transit agency says it’s under contract to buy a new building

Should evading fares on Metro be a crime?

D.C. lawmakers and the transit authority diverge on that question

Do you support cashless buses? Metro wants to know

The transit authority may add more cash-free express routes

Metro aims for new generation of railcars in 2024

The transit authority has its sights trained on a new model

Metro: No ‘special train’ for white nationalists during upcoming Unite the Right rally

The demonstration is set to occur this Sunday amid significant track work

Major delays are coming to Metro’s Blue, Orange, and Silver lines for over two weeks

All-day repairs will make a mess of commuting on those lines from Aug. 11 to Aug. 26

Metro and developer scrap mixed-use project next to Fort Totten station

The project was to transform a parking lot into residences and retail

Three Metro lines now have more cell service underground

Riders can make calls, send texts along additional miles of subterranean track

Study: Metro’s Orange Line ridership ‘hit particularly hard’ over last decade

Does anyone have these snazzy Metro Cards?

In case you missed it, we’re nearing the end of the Metro’s 40th birthday. As it settles toward the middle part of middle age (though it’s quite young, compared to Boston and London), it seems appropriate to celebrate its anniversary.

Do you want the Metro’s late night hours back?

Ever miss the Metro’s late-night train service? If so, join the club. Forty of Maryland’s elected officials from Montgomery and Prince George’s counties are pushing for its return—and not stop service on Sundays.

How can the Metro improve? Submit your ideas

WMATA General Manager Paul Wiedefeld is already implementing new ideas to make the Metro better, such as adding decals to platforms and color-coding eight-car trains, but these ideas aren’t enough.