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Washington DC Maps

2017 inaugural parade route, mapped

From floats to marching bands, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the upcoming Inaugural parade. While the Inauguration, itself, might be controversial, that doesn’t mean that the public can’t enjoy all of the cultural organizations.

D.C.'s favorite artists, according to Spotify

Find out what a myriad of cities and countries are listening to on Spotify. At the moment, D.C. listens to Childish Gambino the most out of any other artist on Spotify. Other artists who topped the list include Justin Bieber and Imagine Dragons.

The history of 127K buildings in D.C., revealed

This Monday, the D.C. Historic Preservation Office announced the launch of HistoryQuest DC, a brand new GIS-based web map that allows the public to get an inside look at the history of approximately 127,000 extant buildings in Washington, D.C.

HIV 5K street closure map, revealed

The Walk & 5K to End HIV is scheduled for this Saturday, which means that there will be a myriad of street closures in Downtown from 9 a.m. through 11 a.m. According to the map, there will be some streets closed near Freedom Plaza.

D.C.'s new zoning boundaries, mapped

On September 6, brand new zoning regulations went into effect in Washington, D.C. for the first time since 1958. In order to keep track of which areas of the District are residential, mixed-use, or special purpose, the Office of Zoning created a map.

D.C.'s Brutalist architecture, mapped and turned into wall art

Despite everything, Brutalism is pervasive in Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, Blue Crow Media in collaboration with Architect Magazine Associate Editor Deane Madsen proved this by releasing a brand new map of 40 examples of Brutalist architecture.

PARK(ing) Day D.C.: Where you can find 35 mini parks

On Friday, the ninth annual PARK(ing) Day debuted with 35 small parks, or parklets, celebrated in Washington, D.C. The annual event was created in 2005 by the San Francisco design studio Rebar with the hopes for businesses to re-think public space.

This map will tell you if your house has solar potential

The interactive map allows users to see a bird’s-eye view of their neighborhood with indications of how many solar panels can fit on each property. The map also reports the potential dollar savings in terms of electricity.

Every Pokéstop and gym in Washington, D.C., mapped

Looking for a new gym to conquer? Or maybe a Pokéstop to nab some in-game items? Here is a crowdsourced map of every Pokéstop and gym in the greater Washington region. The map points with the Pokéballs are Pokéstops, while the Pikachus are gyms.

Facade styles in Washington, D.C., mapped

Just recently, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development released a chart created by DataLensDC founder Kate Rabinowitz that shows which areas of Washington, D.C. have the most brick facades, aluminum facades, and so on.

What does Washington, D.C. Sound Like?

Shhh, can you hear that? That's the first ever urban sound dictionary. Chatty Maps allows the public see where they can find pleasant and unpleasant sounds in 12 cities, including Madrid and Washington, D.C.

Home Affordability in Washington, D.C., Mapped

Estately analyzed home sales within a one-mile radius of each D.C. Metro stop and found that the Red Line had the most expensive homes, while the Green Line had the most affordable.

How Would DC Fare in an Apocalyptic Zombie Attack?