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D.C. is accepting back-to-school supplies for homeless youth through August 16

Donations can be dropped off at the city’s human services sites

A yellow school bus parked curbside with a do not enter sign along the sidewalk. Shutterstock

The District’s Department of Human Services (DHS), the agency responsible for overseeing D.C.’s shelter and social welfare systems, is currently soliciting back-to-school donations for homeless youth, through August 16. Donors can deposit supplies like book bags, pencils, and notebooks at DHS’s NoMa headquarters (64 New York Avenue NE) and various DHS service centers across the city. School uniforms may be donated as well, but note they vary by school.

Over 6,500 people, including 1,593 children in families, were recorded as homeless in early 2019 during D.C.’s annual homeless census. But under different federal homeless standards that account for youth living “doubled up” with extended family and friends, roughly 6,000 children enrolled in D.C.’s public schools were counted as homeless midway through 2018. According to city data, the number of homeless families has dropped 45 percent since 2016.

The 2019-2020 school year for D.C. Public Schools starts August 26, with Pre-K beginning August 29. A map of DHS service centers where donations can be dropped off follows below.