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Cool air is finally flowing again at two Metro Red Line stations

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The project at the Dupont Circle and Farragut North stops has taken years

A sign for the Farragut North station on Metro’s Red Line. There are several red taxis and office buildings in the background.
Farragut North station

Just in time for the post-Labor Day return to work for many Metro riders—although not in time for some of this summer’s hottest days—chilled air has returned to two busy Red Line stops after four years of problems: Dupont Circle and Farragut North. The project at issue, which involved repairs to underground cooling pipes and a nearby chilling plant, has been repeatedly delayed by construction complications and red tape, including earlier in August.

But no longer, Metro said Friday. “Crews completed leak testing and began charging the chiller system that serves the stations earlier this week,” it pointed out in a release. “After several days of careful monitoring, the system is operating normally and providing chilled air to the stations.” Usually, the transit agency turns on the cooling system in the middle of May.

The restoration of chilled air along the Red Line isn’t the only improvement to Metro stations this season. Six Blue and Yellow line stations in Virginia are now receiving various upgrades.