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Uber, Lyft strike in D.C. could affect airports in particular

Authorities urging passengers to plan ahead with public transit and conventional taxis

The Washington Post/Getty Images

Washington, D.C.-area airports are urging passengers to plan ahead for a strike today by Uber and Lyft drivers. The drivers are planning to turn off their apps to protest what they say are unfair labor practices and low pay.

Passengers who normally depend on the apps to get to and from Dulles and Reagan should instead look at public transportation and conventional taxis, airport authorities say. The authorities are working with taxi dispatch teams to make sure there will be extra cabs available to meet increased demand.

Public transit options include the Blue Line Metro stop at Reagan and bus stops at Dulles.

“We’ll have extra dispatchers available to help manage any increased crowds in the taxi lines on the curb and ensure that customers can get on their way as quickly and safely as possible,” a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority told the Post’s Luz Lazo. “At Reagan National, we always encourage passengers to consider using Metrorail as a good alternative to ground transportation — that advice would definitely apply to Wednesday as well.”