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Motorcyclist dies in crash with SUV driver in Manor Park

The SUV driver had pulled into the path of the motorcyclist near Fort Slocum Park

A black-and-white photo of a crosswalk and a road. Shutterstock

A 28-year-old Maryland resident died last week after colliding with an SUV whose driver had accelerated into the intersection of Kansas and Madison avenues NW in Northwest’s Manor Park neighborhood. The District has seen about 20 traffic fatalities on its roadways in 2019, per the Metropolitan Police Department. The motorcyclist was identified as Oliver Romain.

The crash occurred around 8 a.m. Wednesday. Romain was riding a Triumph motorcycle northbound on Kansas Avenue NW when the driver of a Nissan Rogue SUV pulled into the intersection from the west, police say. Romain collided into the front passenger door of the SUV and was ejected from his motorcycle. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

The force of the crash redirected the SUV into a Ford truck that was waiting at a stop sign on Madison Avenue NW, across from Fort Slocum Park, and the SUV driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries. D.C. traffic deaths are down as compared with last year, say police. The city is seeking to eliminate them and traffic injuries by 2024 under its Vision Zero initiative.

This post has been updated to clarify the number of 2019 traffic fatalities in the District.