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Local climate activists want to build on momentum from #ShutDownDC protests

They’re continuing to organize after last month’s major demonstrations

A row of protesters holding a banner on a city street. A domed capital building with a statue on the top is in the background.
Protesters at the September 23, 2019 #ShutDownDC action
Getty Images

The leaders of the “#ShutDownDC” climate actions that took over downtown streets in September hope to keep pushing for change. They are planning to meet next Thursday to discuss potential next steps for highlighting the stakes of the climate crisis and pressing officials to embrace stronger environmental policies, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources and stopping deforestation by 2030. They also want to see a Green New Deal.

“We are building a powerful movement for climate justice here in Washington, DC,” reads a Facebook post by the organizers. “But what comes next?” A meeting to address that question is set for 7 p.m. October 10 at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church in Columbia Heights. The activists say 22 affinity groups and approximately 2,000 people turned out for the September 23 protest they staged, which was followed by a smaller one September 27. At the latter, protesters marched to the Trump Hotel and the Environmental Protection Agency.

As a city situated on two rivers, D.C. faces significant risks from climate change, including higher sea levels and land loss. Storms and heat are poised to become more severe as well.