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Washington National Cathedral lights up for the Washington Nationals

Holy cow! (And “Baby Shark.”)

A neo-gothic cathedral with a large rose window and two tall towers. There is a tree with orange foliage in the foreground.
Washington National Cathedral
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Washington National Cathedral had a message on the eve of the Washington Nationals’ return to the District for the third game of the World Series: Let there be light. The façade of the stately neo-Gothic cathedral transformed into a canvas for Nats fandom Thursday night, displaying dozens of stars, red, white, and blue colors, and the team’s logo. The logo, in fact, was positioned directly over the Episcopal cathedral’s 26-foot rose window, installed in 1976.

That wasn’t the only sign of whom the National Cathedral is praying for in the World Series. It earlier posted a video of organists playing “Baby Shark,” the-inexorably-catchy-kids-tune-turned-unofficial-team-chant for the Nats. (“On this, the first game of the World Series, the Cathedral organ was hit by a sharknado,” the cathedral wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday.)

The cathedral even found some liturgical texts with which to gloat about the Nats’ victory Wednesday over the Houston Astros, who are now down 0-2 in the best-of-seven contest.

Game three kicks off Friday night at Nationals Park. If you’ll be driving in the area of the ballpark, be wary of the street closures, parking restrictions, and traffic changes in effect.


The National Cathedral will glow red every night until Sunday, according to the cathedral.

Washington National Cathedral

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