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D.C.-area rent statistics show Washington, Alexandria priciest places to lease

Looking for a deal? Try Fredericksburg and Hagerstown

A row of low-rise apartment buildings along a busy street. Shutterstock

Washington and Alexandria were the priciest areas to lease a one- or a two-bedroom apartment at the start of October, according to an analysis of 11 D.C.-area towns and cities from real estate listings and research site Zumper.

The analysis covered available and vacant apartments in Zumper’s database, so it’s not necessarily comprehensive. But it does give a solid idea of where the market is as summer finally fades to fall.

Washington’s median one-bedroom rent was $2,300 a month at the start of October, up 6.5 percent from the same time in 2018. The city’s median two-bedroom rent was $2,790, up 3 percent. For Alexandria, the one-bedroom median was up 1.1 percent annually, to $1,810, while the median two-bedroom was up 6.2 percent, to $2,260.

Looking for a deal in the District area? You’ll have to push out a bit and expect a commute. The Zumper stats pegged areas such as Hagerstown, Fredericksburg, and Frederick as the cheapest for renting a one- or a two-bedroom. (See the chart below for a deeper breakdown.) What are you seeing in the market right now?