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D.C. to host 10th annual ‘Doggie Day Swim’ on Saturday

Splish splosh

A good dog having a good time
Wasitt Hemwarapornchai/Shutterstock

Wet dogs will be welcome at three D.C. public pools tomorrow for the 10th annual “Doggie Day Swim” hosted by the Department of Park and Recreation (DPR). The Instagram-worthy event will take place from noon to 4 p.m. on Sept. 8 at the the Upshur Pool in Petworth, the Francis Pool in West End, and the Randall Pool in Southwest.

Although pool season in D.C. is over for humans, canines who have valid dog licenses and tags from the D.C. Department of Health can cannonball into these pools. Licenses will be issued on site and cost $15 (only checks or money orders made out to the “D.C. Treasurer” will be accepted). For unlicensed pups, owners must bring proof of up-to-date rabies and distemper vaccinations and proof of sterilization.

Admission to the Doggie Day Swim itself is free. A few other paws points of order, per DPR:

Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older.

Dog handlers cannot swim or enter the pool with their dogs.

Dogs must be sociable and remain leashed while on the pool deck.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations including rabies and distemper.

All dogs must be spayed/neutered.

Pool capacity will also be limited to 75 dogs at the Upshur Pool, 75 dogs at the Randall Pool, and 150 dogs at the Francis Pool at any given moment. The event will proceed rain or shine.

“The end of the outdoor swimming season signifies the District’s dog day of summer and this event gives our four-legged neighbors access to DPR pools for the day to enjoy a swim and play fun aquatics games,” the agency says in a release. Owners can register in advance. And if you can’t make it, you can follow along on social media with #DCDoggieDaySwimDC.