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What have been the D.C. area’s biggest transit mistakes and missed opportunities?

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Where to begin, right? Perhaps it’s a Metro branch that never got built, or a curve in I-395 that needs straightening

Photo via NCinDC

There are some big changes in the offing for D.C. transportation, including new high-tech cars for the Metro and ever-expanding wireless service underground.

But what are some things that never were or that have yet to be? Is there a branch of the Metro that should’ve happened yesterday, or a bus route that should have already long been rolling?

Reliable mass transit in the district is a relatively recent phenomenon compared with other major metro areas such as Chicago, Boston, and New York. Things are still unfolding, then, and perhaps your suggestions will spur some action.

Right now, though, vehicular congestion, a creaking Metro, and a dodgy bike-safety record appear to define the region transportation-wise. What could change that? What should have changed that? Sound off in the comments below.