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D.C. gets another coliving development

In Adams Morgan, Ditto Residential opens its third such project

OSLOadmo, at 1708 V St. NW
Ditto Residential

With coliving gradually becoming a more popular rental model in the District, D.C.-based real estate company Ditto Residential has launched its latest coliving project. Located at 1708 V St. NW in Adams Morgan and dubbed “OSLOadmo,” the building has 24 bedrooms spread across eight residential units that range from 722 square feet to 1,200 square feet.

As the name might imply, coliving provides renters private bedrooms and modern shared living spaces. Coliving projects are typically being developed in neighborhoods that have access to transit and nightlife amenities. They are largely geared toward millennial renters.

OSLOadmo opened this past weekend and, according to Ditto, makes the company “the largest coliving operator in the District.” Ditto’s two other coliving projects are near the H Street NE corridor and in Shaw. In a statement, Ditto CEO Martin Ditto says his firm has a fourth coliving space in the pipeline and wants to bring the coliving model to scale in D.C.

The Adams Morgan building has a two-bedroom unit, a four-bedroom unit, and six three-bedroom units, each designed in a minimalist style. The kitchens come with stainless steel appliances, dishwashers, and full-sized refrigerators. The building has a communal terrace, and every unit features a stackable washer/dryer to help save space. OSLOadmo is situated near the 18th Street and 14th Street NW commercial strips, Meridian Hill Park, and U Street.

“On the face of it, OSLO might just appear to be a really nice apartment, and it is, except we also designed the space to be an ideal alternative to a group house,” the company explains on its site for the brand. “The three-, four- and five-bedroom apartments are nestled inside super clean, modern architecture that balances the need for personal and public space.”

Photos of Ditto’s Adams Morgan project follow below.