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D.C. cancels state of emergency for Hurricane Florence

Updated forecasts show the storm keeping south

Hurricane Florence as seen from space on Sept. 13
NOAA/Getty Images

The District is no longer under a state of emergency because of Hurricane Florence.

On Thursday night, Mayor Muriel Bowser rescinded the declaration she had made on Tuesday, saying the storm is “projected to have a diminished effect in the District.” That order had authorized local officials to seek disaster relief assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other groups, and was to stay in effect for 15 days.

But as of Wednesday evening, meteorologists said Florence was tracking south and likely would not damage the D.C. area this weekend. While the remnants of the storm may bring rain and some flooding to the region next week, any impacts are not expected to be severe.

Meanwhile, the Carolinas and coastal Virginia are bracing for high winds and storm surges. Florence weakened from Category 4 to Category 2 in recent days, but remains dangerous. Authorities have ordered more than a million people to evacuate from areas near the ocean.