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JBG Smith hung a massive crescent moon near Nats Park

“Moon Over West Half Street” appears in honor of the All-Star Game coming to Navy Yard

Via JBG Smith

Look up in Navy Yard this week, and you might see the moon — not the actual moon, a crescent moon suspended from one of the cranes. It’s JBG Smith’s public art installation, Moon Over West Half Street, and it’s in the neighborhood in honor of MLB All-Star Game festivities.

The LED-lit moon is the brainchild of Brian Coulter, co-chief development officer at JBG Smith, who wanted to bring art to the skyline. It’s made by Custom Prop Shop LLC in Los Angeles, and it’s 10 feet tall and 250 pounds. There’s a high-tech element too, since the lights can be operated via smartphone or tablet.

That’s not the only new public artwork that popped up this week, there’s also a new baseball-themed mural on U Street. And this isn’t the first time JBG Smith’s hung the moon. Here’s what it looked like it when it was illuminated in Rosslyn:

Dan Gross Photography