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There’s a silent bike ride tonight in honor of a cyclist who was killed in the West End

In memory of Jeffrey Hammond Long 

Handlebars DC/Facebook

Tonight at 5:30 p.m., a group of cyclists dressed all in white will slowly bike through the West End in a ride to memory of Jeffrey Hammond Long, who died after being struck by a truck at the intersection of M Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW on Saturday.

“Please wear white (like a ghost bike),” the Facebook invite reads. Many activists are also calling on the D.C. Department of Transportation to make changes to the protected bike lane in the area, where drivers often make right turns and bikes can be hard to see.

“M Street is chaotic on a quiet Saturday at best, and unbearable during the week,” Rachel Maisler, D.C.’s Bicycle Advisory Council rep and organizer of tonight’s ride, told DCist. “It’s not a safe corridor to traverse as a cyclist.”