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A new hotel with tiny rooms might be on the way in Dupont Circle

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This micro-hotel trend is catching on in D.C.

Dupont Cirlcle
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/AgnosticPreachersKid

Travelers who only need enough room for a suitcase might soon have hotel options in quite a few Washington neighborhoods. There’s Pod DC Hotel in Chinatown, Hotel Hive in Foggy Bottom, and perhaps another so-called micro hotel will pop up soon in Dupont Circle.

UrbanTurf reports that plans are in the works to add a new boutique hotel at 1827-1829 M Street NW, featuring 52 rooms ranging in size from 140 square feet to 312 square feet. The hotel would also contain a lobby, bar, fitness center, and cafe. The application’s currently been filed with the Historic Preservation Office.