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The Georgetown trolley trestle is safe from demolition — for now

Metro is appealing the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board’s denial of its raze petition

Photo via Steve Fernie

Georgetown’s historic streetcar trestle is sticking around for now. The District’s Historic Preservation Review Board denied Metro’s petition to demolish the 122-year-old structure, the Washington Post reports, with the assessment that it “retains enough integrity to convey its historic significance.”

The trestle is part of a Georgetown-Glen Echo streetcar line, which ceased operations in the early 1960s. Fans of the historic trestle want to see it preserved and perhaps used as a walkway. But Metro says that the structure is in poor condition and is in danger of collapsing.

“We remain hopeful that another organization will step forward to take possession of the bridge,” Metro spokeswoman Sherri Ly said. “But until then and in the interest of safety, we are continuing to work through the permitting process to raze the trolley trestle bridge, which includes appealing the decision by the Historic Preservation Review Board.”