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Ben Carson will put a “self-sufficiency” hub in a Southwest Washington housing complex

 “EnVision Centers” are slated to open at public housing facilities across the country

Housing And Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson Testifies To House Committee On Department’s Budget Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s new “EnVision Center” will bring interactive vision boards to a Southwest Washington housing complex, the Washington Post reports. Carson announced that the center will be located at Greenleaf Gardens Apartments, and it’s one of 18 “self-sufficiency” hubs planned for public housing facilities across the country.

The hubs will be a centralized location for access to programs that offer job training, child care, education and scholarships, so that residents “see beyond what you can see, as my mother used to always say,” Carson told the Post.

Carson’s earlier proposal to raise rents at public housing complexes wasn’t mentioned during the EnVision Center announcement this week.