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Millenial Trump staffers reportedly prefer to live in Navy Yard and The Wharf

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Politico investigates where the administration’s junior staffers hang out

The Wharf/Facebook

Young staffers of the Trump prefer to live in the shiny new high-rise buildings in the Navy Yard and The Wharf, according to a report by Politico. It’s safer territory than the rest of D.C., the anonymous millennial White House employees told Politico, because the new developments are devoid of “true locals.” Plus, these new buildings (which rent at elite prices of $3,000 a month for a one bedroom) have rooftop pools.

It’s a string of neighborhoods that peer out over the water, separated from most of the city by an interstate, and facing away from official Washington. It’s a bubble within the Washington bubble: Here, young Trump staffers mix largely with each other and enjoy the view from their rooftop pools, where they can feel far away from the District’s locals and the rest of its political class.