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The Anacostia River didn’t fail its annual health check this year

The river scored a D, but it’s the first passing grade in 10 years

Anacostia Riverkeeper/Facebook

The Anacostia River scored a D grade on its annual check assessing levels of trash and toxins in the water — and that’s a cause for celebration. The Washington Post reports that the river has failed the health check every single year for 10 years, but this year, it’s making improvements.

The score is up 29 percent from 2017, showing a resurgence of aquatic vegetation. There was also improvements in the levels of fecal bacteria and water clarity, but there’s still a ways to go.

“Today’s announcement is a victory for 25 years of citizen activism and government leadership,” Anacostia Watershed Society president Jim Foster said in a statement. “Swimmable and fishable is within our sight, and we are committed to getting there for the benefit of everyone who lives, works and visits this community.”

Meanwhile, the Potomac River also earned its highest grade yet in its health check this year, scoring a “B.”