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A vending machine for cars popped up in Gaithersburg

Carvana’s eight-story glass tower holds up to 30 vehicles


A new eight-story glass tower in Gaithersburg is getting a lot of attention, and some puzzled looks, as passersby try to figure out what’s going on with Carvana’s new car vending machine. “A lot of people driving by on 270 can see it,” Carvana co-founder and chief brand officer Ryan Keeton told Curbed DC last week. Then there are those who come by for a closer inspection. “They’ll drive by and have their phone out the window and they’ll videotape it and do a loop.”

The glass tower filled with up to 30 cars just opened at 15710 Shady Grove Road, and it serves as a pick-up experience for customers who purchase a car online through Carvana’s site. It’s the first Carvana vending machine in the Washington, D.C area, and it’s part of company’s skip-the-dealership model of shopping for used cars online by browsing an inventory with more than 10,000 vehicles. You can than either schedule a pickup at the vending machine or schedule a delivery.

The vending machine is exactly how it sounds: you can even put a commemorative Carvana coin in the machine to get your new-to-you car. This is the 10th U.S. market to get a Carvana vending machine. The machine is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday.