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Don’t miss seeing this massive outdoor art installation in Georgetown before it closes

Artist Kiril Jeliazkov’s “The Orange Step” runs through June 2

Images via Kiril Jeliazkov

This is the last week for DC Department of Parks and Recreation’s open air art installation “The Orange Step,” located in Georgetown’s Rose Park. It’s a gallery-like experience in the great outdoors, and DPR’s largest ever outdoor art exhibit to date, according to a press release. The installation’s already popped up in Bulgaria, Georgia, Florida, and California.

Local visual artist Kiril Jeliazkov created a series of 128 individual, water-resistant vinyl canvases that are displayed in the park at 26th and O Streets and along Massachusetts Avenue near the Saint Sophia Greek Church. Each colorful canvas is 22 feet high and 11 feet wide, which makes for an even more scenic walk or jog through the park.

“The Orange Step” exhibit will run through June 2.

Rose Park

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