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Howard University wants to redevelop two historic buildings

Developers were just short-listed for the “work-shop-eat-live-play” project

Bond Bread Factory

A project years in the making is moving forward at Howard University. The university just released the shortlist to redevelop two historic buildings — the Bond Bread Factory and Washington Railway & Electric Co. — into a “24-hour work-shop-eat-live-play” destination. The Washington Business Journal reports that “pretty much ever major D.C.-area developer” submitted responses and is in the running to take on this project, which has been in the pipeline since the 2000s, with two deals falling apart previously.

There will be a ”multiyear process prior to groundbreaking,” according to WBJ. Bond Bread Factory would join Wonder Bread Factory as a former bread factory with a new lease on life: Wonder Bread Factory in Shaw is now the trendy home of WeWork.