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Northeast D.C. neighborhood Kingman Park will become an official historic district

Some neighbors aren’t happy about it

Kingman Park/Facebook

D.C.’s Historic Preservation Review Board voted last week to designate Northeast D.C. neighborhood Kingman Park as a historic district, and the dust is still settling as neighbors debate whether this is a good thing or bad thing for the enclave.

A Greater Greater Washington article by Bob Coomber, ANC Commissioner for 7D01 in Kingman Park neighborhood, who is opposed to the historic designation, garnered nearly 100 comments online about whether it would affect affordability or add burdensome regulations.

Meanwhile, the Washington City Paper talks to residents who want to officially recognize the 1920s-era African-American neighborhood’s history, and those who wonder if unofficial plaques or other markers would be a better option. The historic preservation designation will go into effect on June 24, according to the City Paper, and Kingman Park homeowners will have the opportunity to have their questions answered by the Historic Preservation Office before the designation takes effect.