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Bethesda’s “Mushroom House” is surprisingly elegant inside

The quirky home went under extensive renovations and now is for sale

Images via Compass

A Bethesda home for a very particular buyer is about to hit the open market. A home shaped like a mushroom at 4949 Allan Road in the Westgate neighborhood is for sale, and Jill Schwartz of Compass is currently privately marketing the six-bedroom property.

The home got its curvy shape in the 1970s, the Washingtonian reports, thanks to architect Roy Mason and a dose of polyurethane foam. Current owner Brian Vaughn, president of computer services company ShipShape IT, extensively renovated the interior of the mushroom house. He added a loft and remodeled the kitchen, and the porthole-laden interior is way brighter than it looks from the outside. Take a look below, and the price is set to be released next week (it sold for $920,000 in 2015).