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Former streetcar bridge in Northwest D.C. may get demolished

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The 120-year-old bridge is in danger of falling down onto a trail

Photo via Steve Fernie

Approximately 120 years ago, a streetcar line once allowed travelers from Washington, D.C., to venture to the Glen Echo Park amusement park. The bridge in the Northwest D.C. quadrant that the streetcar traveled on, known as the Foundry Branch Trolley Trestle in Glover-Archbold Park, may end up getting demolished.

WTOP reports that the Metro, which owns the trestle, warned that it is in danger of falling down onto a trail underneath, which has been closed since August 2016. A raze permit has now been filed.

The bridge is known as one of the most endangered places in Washington, D.C., according to the D.C. Preservation League, and is one of only two remaining bridges along the former trolley line linking Georgetown to Glen Echo, Maryland. All of the tracks have been removed. The D.C. Preservation League describes the bridge as “an excellent example of one of the few remaining early transportation bridges in the city.”

Director of the D.C. Preservation League Rebecca Miller told WTOP that the trestle could be restored for use by hikers and bicyclists. While Miller said that the Metro is required to show alternatives to demolition due to the D.C. Historic Preservation Act, Metro spokeswoman Sherry Ly said that it must be demolished because of its condition.

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