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Church near Ivy City will get D.C.’s first privately-funded solar project

The Celestial Church of Christ Majemu Parish will get a brand new roof with a solar energy system

Photo via Google Street View

Arcadia Power and New Columbia Solar announced a partnership with the goal to make community solar projects more accessible in Washington, D.C., and are already planning the first privately-funded community solar project in the city. This project will be located at 1880 Adams Street NE at the Celestial Church of Christ Majemu Parish. As part of this effort, the building’s roof will be replaced with a new roof with a 25-year warranty, while hosting a local solar energy system.

The upcoming privately-funded projects will be announced and developed as more D.C. residents sign up on Arcadia Power’s wait list. The wait list offers a free sign-up process for both homeowners and renters. No credit checks will be required. According to a press release, members can save approximately 10 percent on their monthly power bills with this community solar project.

In a statement, New Columbia Solar CEO Mike Healy said, “This partnership kicks off our ability to not only reinvest into our city but to provide clean, local energy to District residences through community solar. We are excited to continue our mission to make it as easy as humanly possible for D.C. residents and businesses to benefit from solar energy.”

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