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Park View apartment building plans new look, 15 units

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Expect the first D.C. location of Bodymass Gym here

All renderings courtesy of Ernst Equities

At 2833 Georgia Avenue NW, a mixed-use building will get a new look to its facade as well as new residences and a retail space.

The building at the site, currently known as Gresham House, is a mixed-use building that sold in June 2017 for $3.5 million. At the time, it housed three efficiencies and 12 two-bedrooms as well as nearly 3,400 square feet of retail and office space. Washington, D.C.-based developer Ernst Equities plans on redeveloping the building into 15 apartments, three of which will be one-bedrooms and 12 of which will be two-bedrooms. The price range for the units has not been revealed. In the retail space will be the first D.C. location of Bodymass Gym.

The redevelopment is set to complete by mid-May 2018 with the gym opening operations in August 2018.

For a glance at what the building currently looks like, see below.

Photo via Google Street View
Photo via Google Street View