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D.C.’s peak cherry blossom bloom predicted for March 17 through 20

It will occur just before the National Cherry Blossom Festival begins

Photo via Shutterstock/Songquan Deng

The Yoshino cherry trees by the Tidal Basin and around the nation’s capital are expected to bloom very soon. According to the National Park Service, the peak bloom is anticipated from March 17 through 20. Peak bloom is when 70 percent of the blossoms by the Tidal Basin are in bloom, according to WTOP

This is the third year in a row when the cherry blossoms have reached peak bloom early. The bloom will be right before the National Cherry Blossom Festival begins this year. The festival will run from March 20 through April 15.

The earliest peak bloom ever recorded in Washington, D.C., was March 15, 1990 with the latest on April 18, 1958, as reported by the Washington Post.

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