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Ballston Quarter will be one of the D.C. area’s largest entertainment hubs

Dodge lasers, go bowling, learn how to cook, and much more at this one mall

Punch Bowl Social.
All images courtesy of Forest City Washington

In only a few months, Ballston, Virginia, will have a brand new, totally redeveloped mall, known as Ballston Quarter, and there is a lot worth knowing before it opens its doors in September 2018. Not only will it feature a 25,000-square-foot food hall, one of the largest in the D.C. area, the mall will also focus on becoming one of the largest entertainment hubs in the region. Nearly 40 percent of the mall will be for entertainment options, which will include a live-action entertainment venue, hands-on cooking classes, and a “sensory-friendly” area for young families to play and learn.

Already, four of the experiential tenants have been revealed. 5 Wits will feature experiences similar to escape rooms, but with special effects and compelling storytelling. Visitors will have to track down a dragon, battle a pharaoh, and dodge security lasers. 5 Wits will span 11,500 square feet. This will be the company’s seventh location in the country and first in the region.

Cookology will offer cooking classes for both adults and children. This will be the organization’s second site, spanning 5,700 square feet. For Nook, a “modern indoor play and learning space,” there will be themed play areas where children can engage in self-directed learning.

Lastly, Punch Bowl Social is a bar, restaurant, and entertainment concept that will span 25,000 square feet. This will be the first D.C. area location for the company, which will debut with eight bowling lanes, one bocce court, three private karaoke rooms, and a 360-degree bar.

According to a press release, there are also plans for a fully updated, 12-theater Regal Cinemas. The renovated Sport&Health will come with a new cardio center, group fitness studios, and locker rooms with steam rooms and saunas.

Punch Bowl Social.

5 Wits.