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Waybots’s scooter-sharing service arrives in D.C.

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To ride, it costs $1 to start and 15 cents per minute thereafter

The scooters pictured here are not branded or owned by Waybots.
Photo via Shutterstock/Dmytro Zinkevych

In order to help commuters more easily travel from Metro stations to their office or home, a brand new transit-sharing company has arrived to Washington, D.C. California-based startup Waybots hopes to release between 50 and 400 electric scooters in the District, while another scooter-sharing company, Bird, hopes to launch soon as well.

According to WAMU, the scooters work the same as dockless bike-sharing companies like Ofo, Spin, Mobike, Jump, and LimeBike. Users simply use a phone-based app to find a scooter, then pay a fee, and then leave the scooter somewhere appropriate for others to find and use. Prices are $1 to start and 15 cents per minute afterwards.

The Waybots scooters can go over 20 miles on a single charge, according to WTOP. D.C. is the first city for Waybots.

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