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Apple’s Carnegie Store location hopes for winter 2018 opening

Expect a tree-lined sales floor and a skylight

A rendering of what the interior of Carnegie Library may look like as an Apple store.
Rendering via Apple

The opening of the brand new Apple flagship store in Mt. Vernon Square’s historic Carnegie Library building may come sooner rather than later. According to UrbanTurf, Events DC President Greg O’Dell said in a D.C. Council hearing that the store is planned to open by late fall or early winter of 2018.

Apple will not only sell their products in the store, but also “empower local youth” through educational programming and job training workshops. Apple’s lease term is 10 years with two additional five-year extension options. Once reopened, the Historical Society will continue to operate in the building on the basement, second, and third levels, totaling approximately 13,000 square feet of space.

The proposed alterations to the exterior of the building are almost exclusively restorative. There will also be new, “subtle” signage with Apple logos.

The south plaza will experience minor upgrades meant to further accommodate ADA requirements, while the metal switch-back ramp on the southern edge of the site will be removed. A new frameless glass door capped by a multi-story transom will be added.

The most significant changes proposed to the building’s interior include removing the original laylights from the Great Hall ceiling in order to create a new retail atrium. In this space, a video screen will be installed, and “circulation bridges” will connect the upper floors. The sales floor will also be tree-lined and with a skylight overtop.

Architectural firm Beyer Blinder Belle is behind the redevelopment.

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