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Live in a Rockville cemetery for $1,850 per month

No ghosts allowed

Photo via Zillow

When it comes to living in a cemetery, most living people prefer to stay away. Even this Rockville, Maryland, rental is aware, writing, “It may not be for just anyone.” Even so, the historic Caretaker’s Cottage on the grounds of Rockville Cemetery is up for grabs, listed at $1,850 per month.

While the setting might not be the most energizing, the listing is actually a fairly good deal. It spans 1,575 square feet with three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a washer and dryer. Off-street parking is also available.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Reist Corp. Owner Dick Stoner said, “It takes a special person to want to live in the cottage. We’ve had single people and couples live in the house for the past eight years or so—usually people who love the way it reminds them of a rural farmhouse.”

Originally, the property was built for a caretaker by members of the Pumphrey family. The family still continues to own a funeral home in the area. The cemetery, itself, is historic, dating back the 1700s. Caretakers lived in the 1889-built cottage until around 2000 before it was updated. New renters of this home don’t have to worry about taking care of the surrounding cemetery.

1350 Baltimore Road [Zillow]

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