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Repairs close Metro’s Yellow Line for two weeks

The transit agency recommends that riders use the Blue Line as an alternative through Dec. 9

The Yellow Line serves the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport station in Arlington

From now through Dec. 9, Metro is advising riders who want to get between the District and Northern Virginia to use the Blue Line instead of the Yellow Line, which is closed for 14 days for significant repairs. Work is being done on the Yellow Line bridge over the Potomac River.

“Blue Line trains will run between Franconia-Springfield & Largo Town Center and between Huntington & Largo Town Center,” Metro says in a release. “During rush hour, trains will run about half as frequently as usual, due to capacity limits at the Rosslyn tunnel. Customers may experience crowding.” This is last of four capital projects scheduled for 2018, it explains.

On weekdays during the repair project, Blue Line trains will run every 16 minutes between the Franconia-Springfield and Largo Town Center stops and between the Huntington and Largo Town Center stops. But after 8 p.m., they will run every 20 minutes. To reduce Blue Line crowding, the transit agency will provide free weekday shuttle bus service as follows:

  • “Between Franconia-Springfield and Pentagon, connecting to L’Enfant Plaza from opening until 8 p.m.
  • Nonstop between Franconia-Springfield and L’Enfant Plaza, rush hour only
  • Between Crystal City and L’Enfant Plaza, rush hour only”

While all other Metro lines will operate on a normal weekday schedule during the Yellow Line shutdown, on Dec. 1 and 2, the Green Line will be offline between the Mount Vernon Square and Navy Yard–Ballpark stops, also due to repairs. Shuttle buses will be provided.