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LimeBike debuts electric-assist scooters in D.C.

Lime-S will make commuting easy without breaking a sweat

Photo courtesy of LimeBike

JUMP isn’t the only electric dockless commuter’s option available in Washington, D.C., anymore. Starting this Tuesday, the electric-assist scooter, known as Lime-S, will be available in D.C. This is LimeBike’s first scooter launch on the East Coast, according to a press release.

The cost to ride these scooters starts at $1 to unlock and an additional 15 centers for every minute of riding time. In comparison, LimeBike’s non-electric-assist bikes cost $1, or 50 cents for students, per 30-minute time block. JUMP, meanwhile, costs $2 for the first half hour and 7 cents for every minute after that. LimeBike’s electric-assist scooters have a 37-mile maximum range.

LimeBike first expanded to the District in September 2017. Founded in January 2017, this company, which claims to be the fastest growing dockless U.S.-based bike-share company, differentiates itself from the pack by partnering with colleges and local businesses in order to provide subsidy-free services.

The first scooter-sharing service to debut in Washington, D.C., was Waybots this February. Another scooter-sharing company, known as Bird, hopes to launch in the city soon as well.