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D.C.’s most popular running, cycling routes, mapped

Downtown has the most activity, while areas east of the River have the least

Screenshot via Strava

Ever seen a person cycling or running and wondered, “Where are you going exactly?” Thanks to the Strava Global Heatmap, users are able to find out. In a mixture of creepy and fascinating data, 1 billion activities across 17 billion miles (27 billion kilometers) have been recorded using the mobile app Strava. With this, users of the heatmap are able to find out which areas of the world have the most runners, cyclists, water activities, and winter activities.

For Washington, D.C., the most cycling activity is unsurprisingly found closer to Downtown with little to no activity east of the Anacostia River, save for on freeways, bridges, and the coast of the River. Lighting up brighter than any other section of the map was East Potomac Park and 14th Street NW leading up to the White House.

When it came to runs, there was very little activity found east of the River. When it comes to the most popular section of the city for runs, anyone in or near D.C. will probably be able to guess this one: the National Mall was the most prevailing spot.

If interested in seeing how each neighborhood fared in Strava’s heatmap, head here.

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