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D.C.’s best and worst times of the year to find a new apartment

For better prices, avoid the summer months

Photo via Shutterstock/Andrei Medvedev

Generally, the best times to find a more affordable apartment in the U.S.’s biggest cities tend to be between December and March with the worst, most expensive rentals found from May through October. This is according to RentHop, which looked at the top 10 most populated U.S. cities to figure out what the best and worst times are to find a rental.

For Washington, D.C., specifically, the best month was December with a median monthly rent of $2,000 for a one-bedroom and $2,400 for a two-bedroom. When it comes to what month to avoid, RentHop found the highest median monthly rent to be in August with $2,065 for one-bedrooms and $2,488 for two-bedrooms.

To come up with this data, RentHop used median prices, calculated using “tight geographic zones” and used fixed weights across these zones over time. Outliers were removed. The data was taken from 2011 through 2017 for the top 10 metro areas in the nation.

For a look at what the best months out of the year are for other U.S. cities, check out RentHop’s full report here.

Image via RentHop
Image via RentHop
Image via RentHop

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