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‘Bomb cyclone’ predicted to bring snow to D.C. area this Thursday

Stay alert for school closings and Metro delays

Photo via thisisbossi

Starting 11 p.m. this Wednesday, the Washington Post predicts that snow may develop in the D.C. area as a result of the “bomb cyclone” set to affect the East Coast. When ranking the amount of snow from one (“nuisance”) to five (“crippling”), the Washington Posts Capital Weather Gang ranked the coming snowfall a two (“disruptive”).

West of Fairfax and Montgomery counties, the Washington Post anticipates little to no snow. Meanwhile, for areas east and southeast areas near the Chesapeake Bay, there is potential for up to four inches. For the metro region, expect a dusting to two inches of snow.

On temperature forecasts, NBC4 reports that Thursday will have a high of 28 and a low of 24, while Friday will be even chillier with a high of 19 and a low of 9.

This Thursday’s “monster storm” is expected to resemble a winter hurricane and will affect easternmost New England the most. The National Weather Service anticipates downed trees, power outages, and coastal flooding.

To stay up to date on how the Metro system will be affected, be sure to sign up for MetroAlerts.

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