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Amazon announces D.C., Northern Virginia, Montgomery County as finalists for second headquarters

A big win for the D.C. area!

A rendering of what Amazon’s headquarters might look like in the Southeast and Southwest quadrants.
Rendering via the D.C. government

No surprise here, but the D.C. area—more specifically, D.C. proper, Montgomery County, and Northern Virginia—has been officially announced a finalist for Amazon’s second headquarters (HQ2). For months now, several journalists and other experts have theorized what major cities would be picked, and D.C. has consistently been ranked one of the most likely to be picked. (As Mayor Muriel Bowser would put it, #ObviouslyDC).

The announcement doesn’t make clear if Amazon prefers one of the four D.C. neighborhoods planned for HQ2.

The second headquarters is expected to bring up to 50,000 workers and cost as much as $5 billion. It is also expected to be the “full equal” to the headquarters in Seattle, Washington, which spans 8.1 million square feet in 33 buildings.

With over 1,000 votes, Curbed DC’s poll found that most readers believed that D.C. proper and Loudoun County, Virginia, would be the most likely recipients of HQ2.

But how do readers feel about the HQ2 coming at all? With over 630 votes, this poll found that a wide majority of readers felt that this project is definitely worth pursuing.

Other cities that have been included in the final round are Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and Boston. Want to see what other cities have been announced finalists? Head over to Amazon here.

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