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This Metro-inspired wallpaper is perfect for Brutalist lovers

It’s so mesmerizing ...

Image via Murals Wallpaper

Already, it’s possible to celebrate one’s love for anything and everything to do with concrete with this Brutalist-focused wall art. Now, there’s a new way to spruce up one’s home with concrete-focused decorations. Washingtonian reports that British company Murals Wallpaper has created a wallpaper featuring the ceilings of one of the Metro stations.

Unfortunately, Harry Weese-enthusiasts will have to cough up a lot of dough to get their hands on this wallpaper. The cost starts at $35 per square meter, or $312 for a 12-foot-by-8-foot-wall.

Other city-focused wallpaper designs include images of London high-rises and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian in Rio de Janeiro.

If still in search for concrete furniture, there’s always this Le Corbusier-designed lamp and this lamp that Curbed couldn’t help but share with the world.

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