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The beautiful side of D.C. traffic, in 6 photos

For a moment, find the beauty in a typically less-than-stellar aspect of the city

DC Skyline Photo via Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

In a recent interview with Curbed DC, WTOP’s Northern Virginia reporter Max Smith said, “If you're coming [to D.C.] out of the blue ... then the most surprising thing is probably the sheer amount of traffic.” Yes, it’s true. Traffic in the District is typically less than stellar, and usually it’s one of the worst parts of a commuter’s day. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its silver linings.

In an effort to attempt to try to find some good in all of this bad, Curbed DC has compiled six photos that surprisingly capture the good side of D.C. traffic.

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Photo via Shutterstock/Orhan Cam
Photo via Shutterstock/Jon Bilous
Photo via Shutterstock/Sergio TB
Photo via Shutterstock/Alina Sun
Photo via Shutterstock/Christian Hinkle