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What is your ideal, unrealistic D.C. Metro transit line?

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Image via WMATA

What D.C. Metro lines would be available in your wildest fantasies? Sure, it’s an unrealistic question, but try to imagine what the commute of your dreams would be like.

Already, there is a Metro map maker available that allows users to pick and choose what paths they want the rail to take. Maybe a user could add a Metro stop in Georgetown or Ivy City. Maybe a user could extend the line further out to the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland.

Already, there are plans for a new line in the D.C. area, the Purple Line, which is a 21-stop extension planned to run 16 miles between Prince George's and Montgomery counties.

At this point, don’t be concerned with what’s possible, just what you long for. Let Curbed DC know what D.C. Metro line you crave in the comments.