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Where it’s easiest to save money in D.C. on a $50K salary

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Petworth and NoMa are at the top of the list for most affordable neighborhoods

Photo via Elvert Barnes

On a $50,000 annual salary, which areas of Washington, D.C., are the best for actually saving—yes, saving—money? Arlington, Virginia-based startup Rize studied 14 neighborhoods in D.C. to figure this out.

The majority of the neighborhoods studied are either in the Northwest or Northeast quadrants, which is a little surprising as the Southeast quadrant tends to be known as the most affordable area of the city.

Ranking in first place for most affordable neighborhood is Petworth. It ranked first due to its median home listing price totaling $511,619 and median two-bedroom rent totaling $3,020 per month.

While these numbers may seem high in comparison to other parts of the country, they’re actually fairly typical for D.C. proper. Currently, the median price for a two-bedroom is $3,050 per month. Additionally, Redfin reports that the median listing price for a home in the District is currently $590,000.

Other neighborhoods that topped Rize’s list of affordability included NoMa and the Southwest Waterfront.

For more, be sure to check out Rize’s full report here.

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