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In Rockville, plans for a 10-building, mixed-use project with a grocery store, theater

Up to 1,865 apartments or condos may also be included

1500 to 1616 Rockville Pike.
Photo via Google Street View

In Rockville, Maryland, right by the Twinbrook Metro station, there are plans to redevelop six “drab retail buildings” into a “world-class transit-oriented development,” as reported by Bethesda Magazine. If approved, the project will bring 10 mixed-use buildings with residential units, office space, a theater, grocery store, and green space.

This new project by Bethesda-based Saul Holdings will be located from 1500 to 1616 Rockville Pike, a site that currently houses a Party City, CVS, and Sheffield Furniture. Each of the new buildings will range from 20 to 180 feet high with up to 1,865 apartments or condos included.

The theater will span approximately 9,000 square feet. The office space will offer over 431,000 square feet, while the retail, restaurants, and grocery store will total nearly 473,000 square feet. There will also be a 226-seat “entertainment space” that would serve as “a cultural amenity to the community,” according to Bethesda Magazine.

When it comes to the green space coming to the project, there will be a landscaped pedestrian promenade and a central park area. The latter space could be used for farmers’ markets and live performances

The developer also plans on asking city officials to designate the project a “champion” status. What this means is that the property owners would be free from the obligation to provide an access road along Rockville Pike.

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