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Petworth will get a ‘meditation garden-style’ park

Residents in the neighborhood are frustrated by how they weren’t allowed much input in the design process

Rendering via D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation

Prepare for a new relaxation space in Petworth because the neighborhood is getting a brand new “meditation garden-style” park.

Petworth News reported that the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is moving forward to redevelop a triangular plot of land, bounded by 13th, Kansas, and Quincy streets NW.

With construction expected to begin this fall, there are plans for concrete walkways that curve towards the center of the lot, a circular seating area with benches, a drinking fountain, bike rack, and a trash can.

In response to the plans, there have been locals in the neighborhood who have spoken against the project. According to Petworth News, the plans for the park were first presented at an Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) meeting in June 2016. Afterwards, locals told Petworth News that they were left out of the remainder of the process due to either miscommunication or negligence.

ANC 4C Commissioner Bennett Hilley told Petworth News, “I have a sense that most people are in support of these improvements, but there are community members who want to see changes. If we can talk to the residents who want to see some alterations, then we can see what’s possible."

The final design of the park will be presented in September in an ANC meeting.

A meditation park is coming to Quincy and 13th, but not all neighbors feel tranquil about it [Petworth News]